White Label Solutions

We have developed white label blockchain solutions that can be customized
and redesigned for your business. This saves development costs
and reduces time to market.

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Aventus Core

Aventus Core provides the foundation to build blockchain-based solutions for any industry. The solution includes your blockchain platform, user wallets, and landing page.

A custom-desined hub for your users to sign up, login, and iteract with your product.

  • Manage signups
  • Verify users
  • Review analytics and data
  • Secure documents

A secure, recoverable wallet for your users to store digital assets.

  • Store, send & receive assets
  • Easily recoverable password
  • Secure & user friendly
  • Decentralized

An optimized marketing web page serves as your public-facing store front.

  • Marketing pages
  • Login portal
  • SEO optimized
  • Data collection
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This module provides a flexible and extensive user management system that is essential for managing user data. It gives must-have user and owner functionalities in the front-end and back-end.

Front End

Back End

White Label Digital Assets Solutions

Smart Wallet

Aventus Smart Wallets gives users a simple experience for creating and managing their blockchain assets that feels just like useing other Internal accounts.

The solution is recoverable and non-custodial, allowing users to interact with your blockchain platform without worrying about losing their private keys or signing blockchain transactions.

Users can create wallets, store their funds, and send funds to addresses and usernames with the following benefits over traditional blockchain wallets:


  • Intuitive password recovery
  • Secure transactions
  • Low fees
  • No signing transactions for in-platform actions
  • Non-custodial
Custom Digital business development


  • Hosting
  • Multi-currency support
  • Send & Receive functionality
  • Human-readable addresses
  • Multi-signature functionality
  • Cold storage compatability

Additional Add-Ons

Aventus Core can be combined with the following additions to create blockchain
platform for your business.

  • Marketplace
  • Community
  • Voting
  • Rewards
  • Continuous Organization


A digital marketplace for your users to submit, finance, or purchase physical or digital assets.

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A hub for your users to message one another, build custom profiles, and engage in conversations about your project. Use cases include events, tournaments, and more.

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A secure, blockchain voting system for transparent, tamper-proof, secure digital voting for any industry. Use cases include voting on proposals, shareholder voting, and more.

White Label Digital Assets Solutions


A scalable, customizable rewards program for your platform using digital asset issuance and redemption.

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Continuous Organization

An efficient financing model to raise, allocate, and manage capital, providing instant liquidity and risk-adjusted pricing. This includes asset issuance, redemption, escrow, market liquidity, whitelisted compliance, and dividend functionality

Blockchain Maintenance & Support

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