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Blockchain & Digital Assets

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White Label Digital Assets Solutions
White Label Digital Assets Solutions

Who We Are

Aventus Ventures is a trusted blockchain consultancy that provides problem-solving expertise, white label and custom solutions to global organizations looking to implement blockchain and digital asset technologies around the world.

We have been working with digital assets since 2015 and bridge the gap between business requirements and technical expertise.

We have spent years of research and development so you don’t have to.

What We Do

Aventus Ventures offers consulting, project management, and white label and custom development
in the latest blockchain and smart contract technology.

White Label Solutions

Turnkey digital asset solutions to customize for your business.

Custom Development

Custom blockchain, smart contracts and platform solutions tailored to your business needs.


We turn your business problems into blockchain solutions.

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Maintenance & Support

We are an extension of your team. We offer ongoing support and maintenance for our solutions.

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Our Solutions

We have developed white label blockchain solutions that can be customized and redesigned for your business.
This saves development costs and reduces time to market. Our offerings continue to grow as we grow and they are tailored to make blockchain simple to use and easy to interact with.

Here are a few examples of our technology offerings:

Aventus Ventures smart wallets give users a simple experience for creating and managing their blockchain assets that feels just like using other Internet accounts

Issue a scalable blockchain-based rewards program; custom for your business with our “earn & burn” monoplasma solution. This solution issue rewards, handles your balance sheet, and customizes reward redemptions.

Efficiently raise, allocate and manage capital, providing instant liquidity and risk adjusted pricing to your investor-base

Issue paper-based assets in a digital platform to automate compliance digitally, saving your organization money

A secure, blockchain voting system for transparent, tamper-proof, secure digital voting solution for any industry

Offer a marketplace to your users for investing, purchasing, voting, rewards, and more.

Transform your platform into a community with custom profiles, user messaging, community boards, and more.

Website, platform, and wallet solutions to manage all users on your application.

Industries We Serve

Real Estate

Digitize Previously Illiquid Assets With Contract Management


Audience Engagement and Transferable Asset Management


Rights Management, Auditing, Tracking and Investment

Capital Markets

Streamline Payment Processing With Less Friction and Overhead


Automate Insurance and Escrow Procedures

Health Care

Record Management and Identity


Blockchain-Based Chain Of Custody For all Assets

Supply Chain

Custom-Made Smart Contract Solutions For Business Cases

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